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The NEW Color Edition Planner is nearly identical to the original undated planner but with a few differences.  The most obvious difference is that the inside pages have color fonts and details.  The section pages feature big beautiful inspiring quotes and full-color graphics, and the dashboard is a completely new compact design that incorporates the monthly calendar in place of the habit tracker and has a few extra boxes for organizing your day.  The reading list is completely unique for this planner, featuring bookshelves with books for you to fill in as your kids finish reading a book.  Due to the cost of color printing, this planner sells for $19.95

Other pages included are:

  • Introduction pages

  • Reading List

  • Curriculum and Resources List

  • Password List

  • Accounts List

  • Budget Tracker

  • Attendance Tracker

  • Field Trip Tracker

  • Contacts

  • Term Goals

  • Year Ahead

  • Weekly Lesson Planner

  • Year In Review

  • Note Pages

  • Sample Pages

All Planners are Available on Amazon .US .UK .DE .FR .ES .IT .JP .AU and .CA
If you have any trouble finding the planner you want in your country, message me and I'll send you a direct link.

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