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This Unit Study Planner was created to be an additional tool to your planning arsenal.  For those who utilize unit studies in their homeschool, this book makes organizing your resources and projects into a complete plan and record much easier.  The planner has enough pages to plan out 100 different unit studies so it will last the average homeschooler 3+ years, depending on how long you spend on each unit study.

Your planning page spread contains areas for:

  • listing your unit study goals

  • the themes that will be covered

  • any curriculum you plan to use

  • a list of resources needed, categorized by media, music and books

  • any activities planned, categorized by sensorial and physical

  • a supplies checklist

  • a summary including the subjects covered in the unit study and the general lesson plan

  • an area to list any field trips associated with the unity study and how they enhanced the lesson

  • and a description box for you to write down the details about any projects completed with this unit study

There are also some bonus blank dot grid pages in the back of the book for jotting down ideas, inspiration, journaling or whatever else you may need extra pages for.

New COLOR Edition

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