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Lets take a look inside these beautiful new additions to our Homeschool Planner lineup!

These gorgeous Faith Edition Planners with three different covers to chose from are built just like the our original Homeschool Planners, only with a few design tweaks which I'll go over in this quick post.

Redesigned Dash Board: Very similar to the original dashboard, but the Faith Edition features pretty inspirational artwork that you can color in. Each month features it's own unique graphic. The dashboard includes your "to-do's", "important", and "notes" boxes to help you keep your month organized. The right page still features the habit tracker which you can customize to track anything you need. I like to track my kids activities, extra-curricular, workouts, etc. All things I don't put on my weekly lesson planner, but still want to keep a full record of. You can customize this page anyway that works for your family. And although they're not pictured here, these planners also include the full 2-page monthly calendar spread and the weekly lesson planner pages that we feature in the original planners.

There's also a brand new Reading List. Instead of the traditional format, I wanted to bring more artwork into this area to really let each book your child reads stand out. This new spread features beautiful doodle rings that frame the titles of each of the books your child will read this year. List your books then color in as they read, or just place them in one at a time.

The section pages now feature inspirational faith quotes. Feel free to color, scrapbook, or decorate these spreads any way you want. Don't forget to add tabs here for easy reference to your planner sections.

These planners are available right now on Amazon and Prime members get access to free shipping. Don't forget the Frixion Erasable Pens and Highlighters for mistake-free planning, some cute tabs to add functionality to your planner, and if you are the creative type, break out the washi tape, stickers, and color pencils!

Happy Homeschool Planning!


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